Monday, January 08, 2007

A breathless new year

This is the ninth day of 2007, which is the 7th year in the 21st century and in the third millennium. It has been designated:
International Polar Year
International Heliophysical Year
Most of 2007 overlaps with the Year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar. Children born under this year will be perfectionists, say Chinese astrologers.

anyhow this blog was not to be about astrology and 2007 as such. It was just to be a top angle view of how have these 9 days been for me. The onset of the year brought lot of phlegm and cough in its wake, so much so that I would be breathless for a while- a while that became longer than it actually was. Well in any case Subu's timely intervention with a glass of lukewarm water and salt, my gargles and Sachin's insistence about steam inhalation saved my life. mum was here and that was the best thing to have happened, that too as the year started.
Then the next remarkable thing to have happened in these nine days is cricket. not the keeda that rubs its legs to produce music or about whom poems have been penned but the game about which books and news stories have been done.
I can't say I am bad it because in all modesty and when compared to the rest of the aunties I am at least turning out to be a good bowler, a very good fielder and a decent batsman. I like sweating it out on the pitch and the bowling technique that our self appointed coach is teaching us has loosened all my joints- a promise of better delivery at the wickets. the only problem remains that the line of the balling is not straight rather tangential. I realise the importance of teaching children to draw straight lines without the help of a ruler.
the breathlessness at times scares me and now i take my inhaler shots even before venturing out. today is a Tuesday and because i am fasting, all the running around has ignited my hunger.